The planes

Life Flight's air ambulance service is provided by two planes based in Wellington.

Our primary plane is a Jetstream J32. The planes are pressurised and equipped to fly at all times of the day and night in all but the most severe weather.

They can be configured to carry two patients, one crewperson, a medical team and up to four relatives or support people for the patient. Being able to travel with loved-ones is invaluable to families struggling with a severe trauma.

Did you know?

  • The planes use around 380 litres of jet fuel per hour
  • With full fuel (2,453 litres) the planes can fly for up to seven hours continuously: this means flying the length of New Zealand or to the Chatham Islands and back without refuelling
  • They have an average cruising speed of 470km/h
  • They can maintain sea-level pressurisation flying at 15,000 feet
  • They have an average flight height of 18,000 feet.