Video: Wayne's emergency air ambulance flight

Thu 8 Nov 2012 -- sparks-superuser

Wayne was moving heavy gates when his foot got caught and he was pulled underneath.

He was badly crushed and there was only one doctor in the country that could help.

Wayne says the four-tonne gates that landed on top of him basically broke him in half.

He was severely crushed, with a dislocated pelvis, a broken hip, and heavy bleeding.

“There was only one man in the country that could perform the surgery I needed and he was in Christchurch,” Wayne says.

But his injuries were too serious to risk a long bumpy drive, so an air ambulance flight was the only option.

Wayne says the first thing he remembers about Life Flight was meeting the pilot and the nurse.

“They were telling me who they were, where we were going and how long the flight was going to be. They totally made me feel at ease and relaxed and safe.”

The Life Flight team were able to safely transfer him to the emergency surgery in Christchurch, and after further recovery care in Palmerston North Hospital he returned home to Otaki in a wheelchair to start the long journey of relearning to walk.

“If Life Flight wasn’t around I don’t know if we’d be talking. I don’t think I’d be standing or at work. They saved my life,” Wayne says.

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