Medical equipment

Life Flight’s air ambulances are equipped to a very high standard so patients can receive intensive care on their life-saving journeys. Our teams perform some of the most complex air ambulance transfers in New Zealand.

The stretcher bridge

The stretcher bridge was designed by Life Flight and custom made in New Zealand for our aircraft. The bridge ensures oxygen and essential medical equipment is kept with a patient at all times.

The bridge incorporates a ventilator, a cardiac monitor and intravenous pumps to administer medication.

Portable defibrillator

Used to revive a patient’s heart when it develops life-threatening rhythms.

Neonatal equipment

Specialised neonatal incubators and stretchers are used to fly critically sick or injured babies.

Medical kit

A compact storage unit carried onto the aircraft and into hospitals, containing advanced airway equipment, medication, a cardiac pacer and monitoring equipment.


Vacuum mattress

The mattress immobilises the patient by acting as a total-body splinting device.

After the patient has been positioned the air is sucked out of the mattress to ensure the body is perfectly moulded and splinted for maximum stability.

This is essential for safely transporting patients suffering spinal injuries.