Types of missions flown

Neonatal transfersLife Flight neonatal patient

The advanced care required for premature babies can only be found in a few hospitals around the country.

Each year Life Flight flies approximately 200 premature babies to specialist hospital care they desperately need.

A premature baby can weigh as little as 500grams (the normal birth weight for a full-term baby is 3.5kg). Their tiny hearts and lungs can struggle to survive and thrive. Fortunately Life Flight’s aircraft can be equipped with special baby incubators that help keep them safe during their critical journeys.

When we transport a premature baby we carry a doctor and a specially trained flight nurse on-board.

Inter-hospital transfersLife Flight air ambulance

Every day someone needs medical care or equipment only available at a hospital outside of their local area. Patients flown can have a wide variety of medical conditions, including heart or neurological problems, serious injury, spinal damage or severe burns.

Specifically trained flight nurses staff the flights and with critically ill patients a flight doctor and flight nurse with expertise in intensive care medicine attend the journey.

Organ transfers

The air ambulances also fly surgeons between hospitals in emergencies and transport blood or organs if urgently required to save a life.

Opportunities to harvest organs and transport them to the appropriate hospitals for transplants, as well as coordination of air and ground resources are all vital for this part of the operation.