Every six hours someone urgently needs our help

24 hours a day Life Flight ensures critically ill and injured people can be flown by plane or helicopter under the watchful eye of an expert medical team. But we can’t do it without you.

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    A trucker’s miracle

    Colin barely clung to life after his truck rolled 80 metres down a cliff. More

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    Charlie’s story

    100 hours in surgery and 300 nights in hospital for little Charlie. More

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    Video: Dramatic helicopter rescue

    Neil fell 30 metres down a cliff in the Wairarapa backcountry. More

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    Video: Wayne's emergency flight

    The four-tonne race gates almost broke him in half. More

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    Baby Ethan’s early arrival

    Ethan was born twelve weeks too early, his life fragile. Ethan needed an angel. More

Ways you can help

Make a difference for your community. More

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Become and Red Angel

Become a Life Flight Red Angel

Red Angels are dedicated supporters who ensure sustainability of the service. Supporters are a vital part of the team, without them we couldn't fly.

Find out how you too can become a Red Angel.


Our team

It takes a highly skilled team to save lives. Find out about our passionate people. More



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